Airports in New Caledonia

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ICAO Code IATA Code Name Location Code Country/Region
NWWATGJTiga AirportTigaNew Caledonia
NWWBBourail - Poe AirportBourail / PoeNew Caledonia
NWWCBMYIle Art - Waala AirportWaala, North-ProvinceNew Caledonia
NWWDKNQKone AirportKoneNew Caledonia
NWWEILPIle des Pins AirportIle des PinsNew Caledonia
NWWFVoh AirportVoh, North-ProvinceNew Caledonia
NWWHHLUNesson AirportHouailouNew Caledonia
NWWKKOCKoumac AirportKoumacNew Caledonia
NWWLLIFLifou AirportLifou, Loyalty-IslandsNew Caledonia
NWWMGEAMagenta AirportNoumeaNew Caledonia
NWWOIOUEdmond Cane AirportIle OuenNew Caledonia
NWWPPUVPoum AirportPoumNew Caledonia
NWWQPDCMueo AirportMueoNew Caledonia
NWWRMEEMare AirportMare, Loyalty-IslandsNew Caledonia
NWWSPlaine des Lacs AirportPlaine des LacsNew Caledonia
NWWTOua Tom AirportLa FoaNew Caledonia
NWWUTOUTouho AirportTouhoNew Caledonia
NWWVUVEOuvea AirportOuvea, Loyalty-IslandsNew Caledonia
NWWWNOULa Tontouta International AirportNouméaNew Caledonia
NWWXCanala AirportCanala, North-ProvinceNew Caledonia
NWWYOuaco AirportOuacoNew Caledonia