Airports in Papua New Guinea

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ICAO Code IATA Code Name Location Code Country/Region
AYAAAMFAma AirportAmaPapua New Guinea
AYAIATPAitape AirportAitape, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYAMAMUAmanab AirportAmanab, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYANADCAndakombe AirportAndekombe, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYAOAIEAiome AirportAiome, MadangPapua New Guinea
AYAQKPMKompiam AirportEngaPapua New Guinea
AYATAUJAmbunti AirportAmbunti, East SepikPapua New Guinea
AYAWAWBAwaba AirportAwaba, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYAYAYUAiyura AirportAiyura Valley, Eastern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYBAVMUBaimuru AirportBaimuru, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYBGBDZBaindoung AirportMorobePapua New Guinea
AYBKBUABuka AirportBukaPapua New Guinea
AYBMOPUBalimo AirportBalimo, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYBUBULBulolo AirportBulolo, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYBWBlackwara AirportSandaunPapua New Guinea
AYCHCMUChimbu AirportKundiawa, ChimbuPapua New Guinea
AYDEDERDerim AirportDerim, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYDSDusin AirportDusin, East SepikPapua New Guinea
AYDUDAUDaru AirportDaru, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYEDXYREdwaki AirportYellow River Mission, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYFAFNEFane AirportFane Mission, Central ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYFIFINFinschhafen AirportBuki, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYFRFAQFrieda River AirportFrieda River, East SepikPapua New Guinea
AYGAGKAGoroka AirportGoronka, Eastern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYGBGobe AirportGobe, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYGGGRLGarasa AirportAu, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYGIGARGaraina AirportGaraina, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYGNGURGurney AirportGurney, Milne BayPapua New Guinea
AYGPGAPGusap AirportGusap, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYGRPNPGirua AirportPopondetta, Northern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYGTGMIGasmata Island AirportGasmata Island, West New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYGVGVIGreen River AirportGreen River, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYGWGuwasa AirportGuwasa, Eastern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYHAHaia AirportChimbuPapua New Guinea
AYHKHKNHoskins AirportHoskinsPapua New Guinea
AYIAIISNissan Island AirportNissan Island, BougainvillePapua New Guinea
AYIQKIEAropa AirportKieta, Bougainville IslandPapua New Guinea
AYJBJAQJacquinot Bay AirportJacquinot Bay, East New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYKALSALosuia AirportLosuia, Milne BayPapua New Guinea
AYKBKBMKabwumMorobePapua New Guinea
AYKCKDRKandrian AirportKandrian, West New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYKIUNGKiunga AirportKiunga, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYKKKRIKikori AirportKikori, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYKMKMAKerema AirportKerema, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYKOKKDKokoda AirportKokoda, Northern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYKTKZFKaintiba AirportKaintiba, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYKUKUQKuri AirportKuri, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYKVKVGKavieng AirportKaviengPapua New Guinea
AYKWKWOKawito AirportKawito, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYKYLNVLondolovit AirportLondolovit, New IrelandPapua New Guinea
AYLMLMYLake Murray AirportLake Murray, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYLULMILumi AirportLumi, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYMCMYXMenyamya AirportMenyamya, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYMDMAGMadang AirportMadang, MadangPapua New Guinea
AYMHHGUMount Hagen Kagamuga AirportMount Hagen, Western HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYMIMXKMindik AirportMindik, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYMKMok AirportMok, West New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYMLGUVMougulu AirportMougulu, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYMNMDUMendi AirportSouthern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYMOMASMomote AirportManusPapua New Guinea
AYMRMXHMoro AirportMoro, Southern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYMSMISMisima Island AirportMisima Island, Milne BayPapua New Guinea
AYNEGBFNegarbo(Negabo) AirportNegarbo, ChimbuPapua New Guinea
AYNGMFOManguna AirportManguna, East New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYNUUKUNuku AirportNuku, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYNXATNNamatanai AirportNamatanai, New IrelandPapua New Guinea
AYNZLAELae Nadzab AirportNadzab, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYOGOGEOgeranang AirportMorobePapua New Guinea
AYOMOSEOmora AirportOmora, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYPDPDIPindiu AirportPindiu, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYPUPuri AirportPuri, Southern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYPWPanakawa AirportWestern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYPYPOMPort Moresby/Jackson International AirportPort MoresbyPapua New Guinea
AYQAKRJKarawari AirstripEast SepikPapua New Guinea
AYRGRMNRumginae AirportWestern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYRIKMRKarimui AirportKarimui, ChimbuPapua New Guinea
AYSASBESuabi AirportWestern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYSENISSimberi AirportSimberi Island, New IrelandPapua New Guinea
AYSGSILSila AirportSila Mission, Northern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYSJSIMSimbai AirportSimbai, Western HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYSTSturt Island AirportWestern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYSUSKCSuki AirportSuki, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYTATIZTari AirportTari, Southern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYTBTBGTabubil AirportTabubil, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYTETFMTelefomin AirportTelefomin, Western ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYTITPITapini AirportTapini, Central ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYTJTAJTadji AirportAitape, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYTKRABTokua AirportTokuaPapua New Guinea
AYTNTKWTekin AirportTekin, SandaunPapua New Guinea
AYTUTFITufi AirportTufi, Northern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYVLTLWTalasea AirportTalasea, West New BritainPapua New Guinea
AYVNVAIVanimo AirportSandaunPapua New Guinea
AYWBWAOWabo AirportWabo, GulfPapua New Guinea
AYWDWBMWapenamanda AirportEngaPapua New Guinea
AYWGAGLWanigela AirportNorthern ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYWKWWKWewak International AirportWewak, East SepikPapua New Guinea
AYWOWOAWonenara AirportWonenara, Eastern HighlandsPapua New Guinea
AYWSWSUWasu AirportWasu, MorobePapua New Guinea
AYWTWTPWoitape AirportFatima Mission, Central ProvincePapua New Guinea
AYWUWUGWau AirportWau, MorobePapua New Guinea