Aircraft Operated by Korean Air Cargo

There are currently 33048 aircraft, including 1844 special aircraft in my database. There are also 6295 unidentified aircraft and 242 reallocated ModeS codes.

ModeS Hex Code
Tail Number
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ModeS Hex Code Registration Aircraft Airline/Operator Country First Seen (UTC) Last Seen (UTC) CallSign
71C252HL8252Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-24 01:45:472020-12-06 02:08:37
71be24HL7624Boeing 747-8B5FKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-12-05 22:49:29
71c045HL8045Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-17 03:59:042020-12-05 20:44:06
71be39HL7639Boeing 747-8B5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-12-05 19:18:25
71c075HL8075Boeing 777-FEZKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-12-04 18:17:10
71c044HL8044Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-12 01:53:252020-12-04 07:35:36
71c077HL8077Boeing 777-FKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-11-01 16:53:442020-12-02 18:33:44
71be17HL7617Boeing 747-8B5FKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-12-02 02:46:28
71c043HL8043Boeing 777-FB7Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-12-02 02:05:30
71C251HL8251Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-21 02:03:342020-12-01 05:08:04
71BE10HL7610Boeing 747-8HTFKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-23 02:26:272020-11-30 18:08:33
71c076HL8076Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-26 01:55:582020-11-29 19:11:42
71c046HL8046Boeing 777-FB5Korean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:09:102020-11-28 01:13:24
71be23HL7623Boeing 747-8B5FKorean Air CargoSouth Korea2017-03-25 04:44:522020-11-26 04:13:40