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Aircraft Operated by United States Army

There are currently 37158 aircraft, including 2468 special aircraft in my database. There are also 6694 unidentified aircraft and 371 reallocated ModeS codes.

ModeS Hex Code
Tail Number
You can also access my database of aircraft and airports through the following API.

ModeS Hex Code Registration Aircraft Airline/Operator Country First Seen (UTC) Last Seen (UTC) CallSign
ae61ff18-20987Sikorsky UH-60M Black HawkUnited States ArmyUnited States2021-06-28 08:33:492021-11-26 08:49:19
AE036D98-00007Cessna UC-35A CitationUnited States ArmyUnited States2021-11-22 14:10:202021-11-22 14:30:15
AE013397-00102Cessna UC-35A CitationUnited States ArmyUnited States2021-11-19 15:50:362021-11-22 14:22:23
ADFEC096-00110Cessna UC-35A CitationUnited States ArmyUnited States2021-10-20 11:51:542021-10-20 11:51:55
ae04f284-00162Beech C-12U-3 HuronUnited States ArmyUnited States2021-06-05 09:38:522021-06-05 09:54:28
adfebb95-00123Cessna UC-35A CitationUnited States ArmyUnited States2020-11-15 09:47:202021-03-05 11:34:42
AE61F71*-20979Sikorsky UH-60M Black HawkUnited States ArmyUnited States2020-07-21 13:38:182020-07-28 09:25:02
AE013697-00105Cessna UC-35A CitationUnited States ArmyUnited States2020-02-13 15:09:432020-02-13 15:09:43
AE040184-0156Beech C12U HuronUnited States ArmyUnited States2020-01-24 17:32:192020-01-24 17:32:19
AE1FA610-72151Eurocopter UH-72A LakotaUnited States ArmyUnited States2019-04-01 09:19:312019-04-01 09:19:31
AE15DD04-05453Boeing-McDonnell Douglas AH-64D ApacheUnited States ArmyUnited States2018-12-16 13:10:492018-12-16 13:10:55
AE0DD484-23960 ?Sikorsky UH-60A Black HawkUnited States ArmyUnited States2018-09-27 00:02:012018-09-27 00:02:01
AE1F3907-72042/0Eurocopter UH-72A LakotaUnited States ArmyUnited States2018-07-18 13:32:172018-07-18 05:32:17
ADFD8091-00572Swearingen C-26B Metro IiiUnited States ArmyUnited States2018-07-16 21:02:492018-07-16 13:02:49
AE063084-00172Beech C-12T-3 HuronUnited States ArmyUnited States2017-12-09 03:45:122017-12-09 03:45:12
AE040505-1944Gulfstream C-37AUnited States ArmyUnited States2017-12-08 22:10:002017-12-08 22:10:00
AE1F4708-72056Eurocopter UH-72A LakotaUnited States ArmyUnited States2017-12-07 15:49:202017-12-07 15:49:20

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