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Casa C-295 M

There are currently 41422 aircraft, including 3048 special aircraft in my database. There are also 7100 unidentified aircraft and 465 reallocated ModeS codes.

ModeS Hex Code
Tail Number
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ModeS Hex Code Registration Aircraft Airline/Operator Country First Seen (UTC) Last Seen (UTC) CallSign
34158AT.21-05Casa C-295 MSpanish Air ForceSpain2022-05-09 11:18:272022-05-19 14:43:46
48D855026Casa C-295 MPolish Air ForcePoland2022-05-14 08:30:372022-05-15 16:25:07
34158BT.21-06Casa C-295 MSpanish Air ForceSpain2022-05-02 13:19:152022-05-05 16:34:29
341581T.21-03Casa C-295 MSpanish Air ForceSpain2022-04-18 08:21:102022-04-19 09:01:54
341518T.21-02Casa C-295 MSpanish Air ForceSpain2022-04-06 07:16:432022-04-12 13:01:28
46788FCC-2Casa C-295 MFinnish Air ForceFinland2022-03-16 10:05:522022-03-16 10:16:03
48D853024Casa C-295 MPolish Air ForcePoland2022-03-03 21:10:452022-03-04 19:19:49
4984890455Casa C-295 MCzech Air ForceCzech Republic2022-02-09 11:26:472022-02-09 11:56:05
341517T.21-01Casa C-295 MSpanish Air ForceSpain2022-01-14 12:55:112022-01-14 12:55:11
48D846017Casa C-295 MPolish Air ForcePoland2021-10-25 11:00:102021-12-10 15:17:53