Airports in Antartica

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ICAO Code IATA Code Name Location Code Country/Region
AAXXRothera Point AirportRothera PointAntartica
AT01Rothera Air FacilityRothera Point, Adelaide Island, AntarticaAntartica
AT02Browning Pass SkiwayTerra Nova Bay, AntarticaAntartica
AT03Concordia SkiwayAntarctic Plateau, AntarticaAntartica
AT04Dumont d'Urville StationCape Geodesie, AntarcticaAntartica
AT05D85 SkiwayTerre Adelie, AntarticaAntartica
AT07Davis Plateau SkiwayPrincess Elizabeth Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT09Enigma Lake SkiwayTerra Nova Bay, AntarticaAntartica
AT10Fossil Bluff SkiwayGeorge VI Sound, AntarticaAntartica
AT11Halley SkiwayBrunt Ice Shelf, AntarticaAntartica
AT12Kohnen SkiwayQueen Maud Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT13Mario Zucchelli AirfieldTerra Nova Bay, AntarticaAntartica
AT14Mid Point SkiwayEast Antarctic Ice Sheet, AntarticaAntartica
AT15Molodezhnaya AirfieldThala Hills, AntarticaAntartica
AT16Neumayer SkiwayEkstrom Ice Shelf, AntarticaAntartica
AT17ALCI AirbaseQueen Maud Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT18Odell Glacier AirfieldOdell Glacier, AntarticaAntartica
AT20Plateau Station SkiwayQueen Maud Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT21Rumdoodle SkiwayMac. Robertson Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT22SANAE IV SkiwayQueen Maud Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT23Sitry SkiwayAntarticaAntartica
AT24Sky Blu AirfieldEllsworth Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT25Showa SkiwayEast Ongul Island, AntarticaAntartica
AT26Thiel Mountains SkiwayThiel Mountains, AntarticaAntartica
AT27Troll AirfieldQueen Maud Land, AntarticaAntartica
AT28Vostok SkiwayPole of Cold, AntarticaAntartica
EGAHHalley AirfieldBrunt Ice Shelf, AntarticaAntartica
EGARRothera Air FacilityRothera Point, Adelaide Island, AntarticaAntartica
NZ12Palmer Station AirportAntartica
NZTBMario Zucchelli AirfieldTerra Nova Bay, AntarticaAntartica
SAWBAeropuerto Gustavo MarambioSnow Hill Island, AntarticaAntartica
SAWZMatienzo BaseAntartica
SAYBBase Belgrano II AirportAntartica
SAYEEsperanza BaseHope BayAntartica
SAYJJubany AirbaseSouth Shetland Archipielago- King George IslandAntartica
SAYOOrcadas BaseLaurie IslandAntartica
SAYSSan Martin BaseAntartica
SCBOO'Higgins SkiwayPrime Head, AntarticaAntartica
SCGCUnion Glacier AirfieldHeritage Range, AntarticaAntartica
SCPZPatriot Hills AirportAntarticaAntartica
YCSKCasey Station SkiwayBudd Coast, Wilkes Land, AntarticaAntartica