Foxtrotcharlie - A journey to ADS-B tracking with Raspberry Pi

Microdata description

As I didn't find any good microdata structure for ADSB data, I created my own. See for more details.

Microdata structure:

          "ModeS":            "78102f",                   # ModeS code 6 digit  hex
          "ModeSCountry":     "China",                    # Country of registration
          "Registration":     "B-8638",                   # Tail number
          "ICAOTypeCode":     "A321",                     # Aircraft ICAO type code
          "Type":             "Airbus A321-211",          # Aircraft type
          "SerialNo":         "---",                      # Aircraft serial number
          "RegisteredOwners": "China Southern Airlines",  # Registered Owner
          "OperatorFlagCode": "CSN",                      # ICAO code of the operator
          "Altitude":         "100.0",                    # Altitude
          "Latitude":         "0.00",                     # Latitude
          "Longitude":        "0.00",                     # Longitude
          "CallSign":         "CSN888",                   # Call Sign, generally the flight number
          "Military":         "0"                         # 1 if military aircraft

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