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Routes for UVT Aero

See the routes from my database.

Airline Flight Number Origin Destination Via
UVT AeroUVT236Balandino AirportSurgut Airport
UVT AeroUVT273Nizhnevartovsk AirportKurumoch Airport
UVT AeroUVT274Noyabrsk AirportKurumoch Airport
UVT AeroUVT275Kurumoch AirportNovy Urengoy Airport
UVT AeroUVT277Salekhard AirportKurumoch Airport
UVT AeroUVT278Kurumoch AirportSalekhard Airport
UVT AeroUVT281Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo AirportRostov-on-Don Airport
UVT AeroUVT282Rostov-on-Don AirportKrasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport
UVT AeroUVT287Gumrak AirportSurgut Airport
UVT AeroUVT288Surgut AirportGumrak Airport
UVT AeroUVT291Strigino AirportOmsk Tsentralny Airport
UVT AeroUVT292Omsk Tsentralny AirportStrigino Airport
UVT AeroUVT302Domodedovo International AirportBugulma Airport
UVT AeroUVT334Surgut AirportBugulma Airport
UVT AeroUVT338Noyabrsk AirportBugulma Airport
UVT AeroUVT471Surgut AirportGelendzhik Airport
UVT AeroUVT527Kazan AirportUytash Airport
UVT AeroUVT529Kazan AirportKemorovo Airport
UVT AeroUVT530Kemorovo AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT545Kazan AirportAstrakhan Airport
UVT AeroUVT546Astrakhan AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT548Omsk Tsentralny AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT553Kazan AirportBarnaul Airport
UVT AeroUVT554Barnaul AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT559Kazan AirportNizhnevartovsk Airport
UVT AeroUVT579Kemorovo AirportStrigino Airport
UVT AeroUVT580Strigino AirportKemorovo Airport
UVT AeroUVT581Kazan AirportBogashevo Airport
UVT AeroUVT582Bogashevo AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT583Kazan AirportNovy Urengoy Airport
UVT AeroUVT584Novy Urengoy AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT591Kazan AirportOmsk Tsentralny Airport
UVT AeroUVT597Kazan AirportKrasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport
UVT AeroUVT598Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo AirportBalandino Airport
UVT AeroUVT601Kazan AirportNovokuznetsk Spichenkovo Airport
UVT AeroUVT602Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT606Bogashevo AirportGumrak Airport
UVT AeroUVT610Barnaul AirportStrigino Airport
UVT AeroUVT620Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT622Kemorovo AirportKazan Airport
UVT AeroUVT627Surgut AirportAstrakhan Airport
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