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Aircraft from United-States

There are currently 38221 aircraft, including 2631 special aircraft in my database. There are also 6734 unidentified aircraft and 386 reallocated ModeS codes.

ModeS Hex Code
Tail Number
You can also access my database of aircraft and airports through the following API.

ModeS Hex Code Registration Aircraft Airline/Operator Country First Seen (UTC) Last Seen (UTC) CallSign
A7C793N600DJGulfstream Aerospace GVII-G600Gulfstream AerospaceUnited-States2022-01-15 07:56:572022-01-20 11:45:24
A47E0FN389PSBombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 350PrivateUnited-States2022-01-15 05:00:152022-01-18 13:43:37
A6FF61N55ZRBeech C90A King AirPrivateUnited-States2022-01-15 11:03:162022-01-15 14:49:49
A8B29FN66HRCirrus Vision SF50PrivateUnited-States2022-01-10 12:22:442022-01-12 13:25:08
ABEDECN868PZRaytheon Hawker 800XPPrivateUnited-States2022-01-11 13:47:552022-01-11 14:09:44
AD84B9N970MAPiper PA-46-600TP Malibu MeridianPiper AircraftUnited-States2022-01-09 16:25:422022-01-09 16:39:58
A3479EN310JEBombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 350PrivateUnited-States2022-01-05 10:31:552022-01-05 10:55:42
AA691CN770AWGulfstream Aerospace GV-SP (G550)TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc TrusteeUnited-States2022-01-02 19:55:232022-01-02 20:01:11
ADBB0BN984LSCessna 525 Citation M2PrivateUnited-States2022-01-02 12:00:042022-01-02 12:04:20
AB00A3N808LVGulfstream Aerospace GVI (G650ER)TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc TrusteeUnited-States2022-01-01 12:59:252022-01-01 13:25:13

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