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Routes for GAMA Aviation

See the routes from my database.

Airline Flight Number Origin Destination Via
GAMA AviationGMA028Gander International AirportFarnborough Airfield Airport
GAMA AviationGMA052Farnborough Airfield AirportVnukovo Airport
GAMA AviationGMA085Kirkwall AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA091Exeter International AirportFarnborough Airfield Airport
GAMA AviationGMA099Teterboro AirportVnukovo Airport
GAMA AviationGMA106Manchester AirportFarnborough Airfield Airport
GAMA AviationGMA107Farnborough Airfield AirportOberpfaffenhofen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA344London Heathrow AirportFairoaks Airport
GAMA AviationGMA438Galileo Galilei Airport (Pisa International Airport)London Heathrow Airport
GAMA AviationGMA454Sumburgh AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA501Los Angeles International AirportLondon Luton Airport
GAMA AviationGMA537Francis S Gabreski AirportNice Cote d'Azur Airport
GAMA AviationGMA594Manuel Marquez de Leon International AirportNice Cote d'Azur Airport
GAMA AviationGMA604Farnborough Airfield AirportSheremetyevo International Airport
GAMA AviationGMA625Glasgow International AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA636Wick AirportEdinburgh Airport
GAMA AviationGMA693Glasgow International AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA797Pulkovo AirportFarnborough Airfield Airport
GAMA AviationGMA812Glasgow International AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA817Santa Maria AirportV.C. Bird International Airport
GAMA AviationGMA863Olbia AirportFarnborough Airfield Airport
GAMA AviationGMA894Sumburgh AirportAberdeen Airport
GAMA AviationGMA938Sumburgh AirportAberdeen Airport
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