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Agustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand New

There are currently 51428 aircraft, including 4362 special aircraft in my database. There are also 9537 unidentified aircraft and 775 reallocated ModeS codes.

ModeS Hex Code
Tail Number
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ModeS Hex Code Registration Aircraft Airline/Operator Country First Seen (UTC) Last Seen (UTC) CallSign
4B43A1HB-ZPXAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateSwitzerland2024-03-14 09:15:552024-03-14 14:29:01
39B978F-HOLYAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateFrance2018-05-14 23:03:252024-02-13 09:28:27
4B43E0HB-ZSIAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateSwitzerland2022-02-11 13:48:152024-01-19 11:32:25
406774G-MAOLAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateUnited Kingdom2023-09-15 13:16:382023-09-15 13:16:38
4D21859H-ZVJAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateMalta2023-02-05 11:59:552023-02-05 11:59:55
4B43CDHB-ZRPAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewSwiss Air Ambulance AgSwitzerland2022-10-17 13:44:212022-10-17 13:44:21
4B43CBHB-ZRNAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateSwitzerland2022-05-02 10:16:012022-05-02 13:58:29
4B43D4HB-ZRWAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewSwiss Air Ambulance AgSwitzerland2021-10-14 09:27:532022-03-07 12:05:43
4B43D2HB-ZRUAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewSwiss Air Ambulance AgSwitzerland2022-01-25 04:10:322022-01-25 04:14:40
4B43F3HB-ZTBAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewAir SarinaSwitzerland2020-09-13 11:52:372020-09-13 11:52:37
4D40323A-MDFAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewMonacairMonaco2020-05-04 09:40:502020-05-04 09:40:50
863B4FJA6935Agustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateJapan2018-12-23 20:39:062018-12-23 12:39:06
846A51JA14KPAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateJapan2018-12-22 16:58:032018-12-22 08:58:03
8676DDJA70MKAgustawestland AW.109 Sp Grand NewPrivateJapan2018-12-21 22:10:252018-12-21 14:10:25