Foxtrotcharlie - A journey to ADS-B tracking with Raspberry Pi

Foxtrotcharlie - A journey to ADS-B flight tracking with Raspberry Pi

ADS-B Live

Latest Mode-S and ADS-B aircraft picked up from my location in Chalon sur Saone, Briancon and other sites. Tracker in Chalon sur Saone, Briancon and mobile tracker over the world when I am travelling: United States (New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Kansas City, Seattle, Miami), Spain (Barcelona), France (Paris, Chalon sur Saone, Rennes, Lyon, Briancon), Germany (Berlin), Luxembourg, Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto), China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai)... Shows ModeS code, tail number, type of aircraft, registered owner and when my trackers detected them first and last.
Latest unknown Mode-S codes picked up from my location in Chalon sur Saone, Briancon and other sites

Foxtrotcharlie - Radar and maps

Radar and maps

Trajectory of aircraft as seen by my trackers - All aircraft do not have positions as they are not reporting it and MLAT position may not be available.
Worldwide airports (15.000 airports around the world, including Air Force bases and Naval stations - and also Santa Claus own air base!)
All the routes in my database (150.000 routes from 32.500 airlines worldwide)
tar1090 map from my main tracker

New aircraft

New aircraft detected by my trackers. Aircraft that are seen for the first time by one of my tracker. I also have many unknown ModeS hex codes for which I don't find any data in available databases.

Foxtrotcharlie - Special aircraft

Special aircraft

Military and other special aircraft detected by my trackers. Quite a lot of "freedom of the sky" activity by USAF and US Navy in the area between Hong Kong, Taiwan and South China Sea. Also, a lot of military transport aircraft and helicopters over Briancon.


Search my database of aircraft. You can search aircraft by Tail Number, Operator (owner, airline, military branch), ModeS code (ICAO hex code), Type of aircraft (manufacturer, type).
Access my database of aircraft, airports and routes through API. More than 33.000 available ModeS hex codes with associated registration (tail number), 15.000 airports with latitude/longitude and 150.000 routes.
Some interesting aircraft: Air Force One / Lockheed EP-3E Aries 2 Orion / Boeing RC-135 / Hawker Beechcraft B350

Foxtrotcharlie - Search aircraft


Statistics from my trackers. Number of aircraft per country, per manufacturer (Boeing, Airbus, Dassault, Bombardier, COMAC,...), daily stats and evolution over time.


My ADS-B tracker project and interesting links.
Build your own ADS-B tracker.

Foxtrotcharlie - Blog

Blog - FoxtrotCharlie

A Journey to #ADSB Flight Tracking with Raspberry Pi, SigFox, Python, MySQL, PHP, dump1090 and solar power. I try to publish on a weekly basis, let me know what topic would be interesting for you!

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GitHub – IQTLabs/SkyScan: Automatically photograph planes that fly by!
Automatically photograph planes that fly by! GitHub - IQTLabs/SkyScan

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All trackers offline
Due to national security concerns at home and COVID-19 travel restrictions, that block me to access my remote trackers which have crashed, I don’t have any more live ADS-B tracker. Working on getting new ones up and running.

How I monitor my Raspberry Pi trackers
In time, I have added several trackers everywhere I could, and I am using several other Pi for other use (Plex media player, home automation, …). In order to deploy and monitor them remotely I am using several tools: GitHub, AnyDesk, Cockpit, Graphs1090 and FlightAware. GitHub Github is where I store all the code for […]

Foxtrotcharlie - Live aircraft


Tweets by FoxCharlie - my twitter bot with some manual retweets. Tweeting for new aircraft and when interesting aircraft are detected (military, helicopters, rare manufacturers, exotic countries).

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