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A Journey to #ADSB Tracking with Raspberry Pi, SigFox, Python, MySQL, PHP, dump1090
US military planes in South China Sea
SAM727 flying over Guangzhou
My ADSB tracker project
Will airlines recover from COVID crisis?
Sharing my database of Aircraft, Airports and Routes
G-IRTY Spitfire flying over Hong Kong in 2019
A Guide to Tracking Aircraft Around the World
Buzzfeed trains an AI to find spy planes
Another F16 from Belgian Air Force for my tracker in Briancon
ADSB tracking off grid with Raspberry Pi


Latest Mode-S and ADS-B aircraft picked up from my location in Hong Kong and other sites. Trackers in Hong Kong, Briancon and mobile tracker over the world when I am travelling.


Trajectory of aircraft as seen by my trackers - All aircraft do not have positions.
Worldwide airports
All the routes in my database


Tweets from FoxCharlie - my twitter bot with some manual retweets.

New aircraft

New aircraft detected by my trackers.

Special aircraft

Military and other special aircraft detected by my trackers. Quite a lot of "freedom of the sky" activity by USAF and US Navy in the area between Hong Kong, Taiwan and South China Sea. Also, a lot of military transport aircraft over Briancon.


Search my database of aircraft.
Access my database of aircraft, airports and routes through API.


Statistics from my trackers. Number of aircraft per country, per manufacturer, daily stats and evolution over time.


How I did it and useful links!